giovedì 21 luglio 2011

Strane Strade 34

Aroy Dee "friday" (M>O>S)
Agoria "souless dreamer" (Infinè)
Diego "Dep 2" (Triebstoff)
Djinxx "the foreigner" (Delsin)
L.S.G "the train of thought part 1.1" (Superstation)
The Third Man "Paucity" vince watson rmx" (ART)
Terrence Dixon "room 310" (Meakusma)
Chicago Skyway "heaven" Aroy's edit (Mos Deep)
Redshape "species" (Delsin)
Kassem Mosse "untitled" (Workshop 12)
Lontano "low scape" (Factor City Records)
Station 17 + Barbara Morgensten "Borsengang" Felmann rmx (Neuton)
Back in the middle remixes "Theo Parrish rmx" (Dynamite soul Detroit rec)
Ron Trent "morning fever" (Prescription rec)
Theo Parrish "Ugly edit #11" (White label)
Moody "freaky mutha f.cker" (Mahogani music rec)
Florence "The vineyard reprise"(Eevo Lute muzique Rec)
Chip E. "Time to jack" (House rec)
Ruffneck "new life sax dub version" (Real time rec)
Morphosis "Dirty matter N.w.a.q's rmx" (M>O>S Rec)
Gil Scott Heron "Bicentiennial blues" (Rumal gia Rec)
Rude 66 "Two words" (Créme Org.rec)
Rude 66 "Images" (Créme Org. rec)


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