giovedì 21 luglio 2011

DOMENICA 31 LUGLIO ore 19.30 : Elix & Cilloman dj set

PERAROCK 20 anni di Musica Danze Cultura

20° Estate “Radioattiva” Al Perarock
Tra Musica, Danze e Cultura
Dal 29 Luglio al 1 Agosto 2010

Strane Strade vi da appuntamento a domenica sera con i dj set di Elix e Cilloman per una slezione musicale a base di disco, funk e house

Speciale Jeff Mills dal Sherwood Festival

Watch Video @

Strane Strade 36

Il continente africano protagonista della puntata di oggi con le sue contaminazioni passando dal jazz al funk senza dimenticare le sonorità psichedeliche tanto care alle band degli anni settanta.
Coda del programma dedicata al grande Gil Scott heron scomparso pochi giorni fa.

NEXT STOP... SOWETO Vol.3 (Strut Rec.)
. Batsumi "Itumeleng"
. Chris Schilder Quartet feat. Mankunku "Spring"
. Mankunku Quartet "Dedication" (to daddy trane and brother shorter)
. The Ministers "Ngena Mntan'am"
. Spirit "Rejoice"

Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra "Definitely roots" (Masta Conga)
Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra "Verite yo" (Masta Conga)
Mulatu Astatke "One for Buzayhem" (Worthy Rec)
West African rhythm stars "Late Ojo Davies" (Honest Jon's rec)
Kelan Phil Cohran and Legacy "Kilimanjaro" (Capthca rec)
Marijata "No condition is permanent" (Sound way rec)
Joe Henderson "All things considered" (Milestone rec)
Jean Luc Ponty "Imaginary voyage part .4 " (Atlantic rec)
No.1 de No.1 "Guajira van" (Stones Trow rec)
Billy Cobham "Quadrant 4" (Atlantic rec)
Funky Nassau "Funky Nassau pt.2" (Alston rec)
Mandrill "Mandrill" (Polydor rec)
Santana "Waiting" (Columbia rec)
Gil Scott Heron "Ain't no new thing" (Flying Dutchman rec)


Strane Strade 35

Puntata che riprende i suoni della settimana precedente per quanto concerne Rude 66 per poi addentrarsi in sonorità elettro ambientali molto oscure ma al tempo stesso raffinate e coinvolgenti. Orizzonti musicali che cambiano di percorso verso suoni più psichedelici e krautrock. Per finire omaggio al grande Sun Ra ch oggi avrebbe compiuto gli anni.

Rude 66 "Smog" (Creme org. rec)
Electronic warfare 2.0 "Kill my radio station" (acapella) (UR rec)
Electronic warfare 2.0 "Kill my radio station" (original version) (UR rec)
EDMX "Can't remember" (Mathematics rec)
Jeff Mills "A reclutant compliance" (Axis rec)
Dj Skurge "Lanminds e.p" (UR rec)
Robert Henke "Convex" (Icm rec)
Robert Henke "Exit" (Icm rec)
Morphosis "Androids among us" (Just for one day rmx) (M>O>S rec)
Jah Wobble and Bill Laswell "Orion" (4 Hero Dollis dub mix) (Axiom rec)
Moritz Von Oswald trio "Structure #4" (Honest Jons rec)
Luckluster "In passing" (Defocus)
I.E.M. "Shadow of a twisted hand across my house" (Headphone Dust)Can "
Can "Gomorrha" (United Artist Record)
Tangerine Dream "Coldwater canyon" (Virgin)
Sun Ra "Dance of the cosmo aliens" (Kindred Spirits)
Radiohead "Life in a glasshouse" (Emi)


Strane Strade 34

Aroy Dee "friday" (M>O>S)
Agoria "souless dreamer" (Infinè)
Diego "Dep 2" (Triebstoff)
Djinxx "the foreigner" (Delsin)
L.S.G "the train of thought part 1.1" (Superstation)
The Third Man "Paucity" vince watson rmx" (ART)
Terrence Dixon "room 310" (Meakusma)
Chicago Skyway "heaven" Aroy's edit (Mos Deep)
Redshape "species" (Delsin)
Kassem Mosse "untitled" (Workshop 12)
Lontano "low scape" (Factor City Records)
Station 17 + Barbara Morgensten "Borsengang" Felmann rmx (Neuton)
Back in the middle remixes "Theo Parrish rmx" (Dynamite soul Detroit rec)
Ron Trent "morning fever" (Prescription rec)
Theo Parrish "Ugly edit #11" (White label)
Moody "freaky mutha f.cker" (Mahogani music rec)
Florence "The vineyard reprise"(Eevo Lute muzique Rec)
Chip E. "Time to jack" (House rec)
Ruffneck "new life sax dub version" (Real time rec)
Morphosis "Dirty matter N.w.a.q's rmx" (M>O>S Rec)
Gil Scott Heron "Bicentiennial blues" (Rumal gia Rec)
Rude 66 "Two words" (Créme Org.rec)
Rude 66 "Images" (Créme Org. rec)


Strane Strade 33

Ali Farka Tourè & Toumani Diabatè - "Warbè" - (Their Final Rec)
Abdul Rahim Ibrahim - "Suratal Ihklas" - (Heavenly Sweetness Rec)
Doug Carn - "Power and Glory" (Black Jazz Rec)
Byard Lancaster - "Rib Cribb I" (Kindred Spirits Rec)
Sounds of Liberation - "New Horinzons" - (Porter Rec)
Pieces of Peace - "Peace & Blessings" - (Cali-Tex Rec)
Larry Young - "Alive" - (Perception Rec)
Build an Ark - "Build an Ark" - (Kindred Spirits Rec)
Roy Brooks and The Artistic Truth - "Eboness" - (Jazzman Rec)
Sun Ra - "Song no.1" - (Kindred Spirits Rec)
Agoria - Under the river (Infinè)
Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Structure 2 (Honest Jones)
Francesco Tristano - Grin (Infinè)
Morphosis - Gate of night (Delsin)
Morphosis - Silent screamer (Delsin)
Morhposis - Dirty matter (Delsin)
Morphosis - Androids among us (Delsin)
Morphosis - Ascension (Delsin)
Morphosis - Wild in captivity (Delsin)


Strane Strade 32

California Flight Project - "Waste No Time " - (People Potential Unlimited Rec)
24 Carat Black - "Begin To Wheep " (Numero Group Rec)
T.J. Swan - "And You Know That " - (K7 Rec)
The Everyday People - "Funky Generation" - (Red Coach Rec)
Stanley Clarke - "Vulcan Princess" - (Atlantic Rec)
Liquid Liquid - "Lock Groove" - (99 Rec)
Wicked Witch - "Under your Spell" - (EM Rec)
Ron Trent - "When the Drum Calls" (Future Vision Rec)
Henrik Schwarz & Kunyiuki - "Once Again" - (Mule Musiq Rec)
Santana - Soul sacrifice (Cbs)
Santana - Head, Hands & Feet (Cbs)
Level 42 - The Pursuit Of Accidents (Polydor)
Sting - Shadows in The Rain (A&M Rec)
Alex Kid - Arborè part2 (F Communications)
David Sanborn - Wake Me When It’s Over (Warner Bros)
Esther Phillips - All The Way Down (Kudu)
Doug Hammond - Dope of power suite /Four Tet rmx (Heavenly Sweetness)
Aubrey presents Phil Owen - Inner Feeling (Ferox)
Pat Metheny - Three Flights Up (David Geffen Company)
Squarepusher - Welcome to Europe (Warp)

Strane Strade 31

Virgo 4 "Deep Blue" (Rush Hour Rec)
Dresvn "Woodlandscene" (Acido Rec)
Nomo "Ma" (Ubiquity Rec)
The Whitefield Brothers - "Yaruba" - (Now Again Rec)
Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro - "The Bunch" (JazzMan rec)
Azymuth - "Periscopio" (FarOut Rec)
Dennis Mobley & Fresh Taste - "Superstition" (P&P Rec)
JuJu - "Contradiction" - (Black Fire Rec)
Sabu Martinez - "Maldito Primitivo" - (Mellotronen Rec)
Black Heat - " The Jungle" - (Atlantic Rec)
Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra - Don’t loose your time (Masta Conga)
Spirits Rejoice - Joy (Strut Rec)
Innerzone Orchestra - Galaxy (PLanet E)
Vakula - Crossing (3Strike Records)
Agoria - Speechless album mix (Infinè Rec)
Agoria - Grande Torino (Infinè Rc.)
Francesco Tristano - Frangrance de Fraga (Infinè Rec)
Francesco Tristano - Mambo (Infinè Rec)
Francesco Tristano - Single and Doppio (Infinè Rec)
Francesco Tristano - Wilson - (Infinè Rec)
Francesco Tristano - Hello /inner space dub (Infinè Rec)

martedì 19 aprile 2011

Martedì 19 Aprile @ Sartea (Vicenza)

Strane Strade 30

Chocolate Milk - "Let the music take your mind" - (RCA Rec)
Nathan Davis - "Stick Buddy" - (Soul Jazz Rec)
Wood Brass & Steel "Say what you want to say" - (Turbo Rec)
Tony Allen "Progress" - (VampiSoul Rec)
Earth Wind & Fire - "Zanzibar " - (CBS Rec)
Candido - "Ti-CHI-Can" - (Vampi Soul Rec)
Theo Parrish - "How I Feel" - (Archive Rec)
Azymuth - "Labaderas" - (Milestone Rec)
Don Cherry - "Moving Pictures for the Ear" - (Piccadilly Rec)
Nebraska - Intro (DownLow)
Wendell Harrison - Ride (Planet E)
Victor Simonelli - Bateria latin impression (Ideal)
PTH Projects - Pretend Paradise (Wah Wah)
Trus Me - Trus’us (Prime NUmbers)
Daniel Wang - Clow Worms (Balihu)
Massimiliano Pagliara - Beach Birds (Balihu)
Daniel Wang - Blau Drei (Balihu)
Francisco - Voyage (Nature)
Cro Magnon - Mysterious Vibes (Jazzy Sport)
Bum On the Carpet - Make Room (Dopeness Galore)

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lunedì 11 aprile 2011

Strane Strade 29

The Gods Planet - From the core (White Label)
Foog - The Evolver (Fire Recordings)
Diego - The Cord (Triebstoff)
Oliver Hacke - Ego Club Galore (Trapez Ltd)
Richie Hawtin - The Tunnel (Minus)
Ilya Santana - Transborder /Minilogue’s Border Illusion MIx (Eskimo)
Max Sedgley - Celebrity /Silicone Soul’s Hypnouse Dub (Sunday Best)
Morphosis - Mot (Morphine)
Carsten Fiez - Dub to Space (Choke)
Vakula - Saturday (3rd Strike)
Sun Ra - Saga of Resistance - (Theo Parrish rmx) - (Kindred Spirit Rec)
KSoul & MuteOscillator - Militant Soul - (KindaSoul rec)
Leron Carson - Red LightBulb - (Sound Signature Rec)
Reel By Real - Surkit - (A.r.t.Less rec)
Shadow Sync - Idol - (Manila Rec)
Virgo 4 - Nothing in my life - (Rush Hour Rec)
Thomas Fehlmann - Strahlesatz - (Kompakt Rec)
Function - Immolare - (Sandwell District rec)
J.T.C. - Psycadelic Mindtrip - (Creme Organization Rec)
Obtane Giorgio Gigli - Chemistry of Human Life - (Zooloft Rec)
Drexciya - Lake Haze - (Tresor Rec)
Maurice - This is Acid - (Trax Rec)
Jeff Mills - Transcendant - (Axis Rec)

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lunedì 4 aprile 2011

Altavoz 9 Aprile 2011

Internacional Special Guests

(Visionquest / Supplement Facts - Detroit, USA)

(Visionquest / Wolf+Lamb - Detroit, USA)

(Conform / South Soul - Naples, ITA)

(Time Has Changed - Venice, ITA)

(Upon You / Kina - Treviso, ITA)

Dj's & Lives

(Ianus71 / AltaVoz - Venice, ITA)

(Only300 - Milan, ITA)

(Family-House - Vicenza, ITA)

(Decibel - Florence, ITA)

(KDV / Polar Noise - Venice, ITA)

(Independent - Pordenone, ITA)

(Amedeo Produzioni - Padua, ITA)

(Independent - Padua, ITA)

(Independent - Venice, ITA)

(Independent - Venice, ITA)

Alle ore 23:00 proiezione del film



Strane Strade 28

Bob James - "Tappan Zee" (CTI Rec)
Tommy Stewart - "Hot Box" (Jazzman Rec)
Tri-Fire - "Fade Groove" - (People Potential Unlimited Rec)
XI - "II" - (Sex Tags Mania Rec)
Jamie 326 - "Wicky Wacky Edit" - (ParteHardy Rec)
The Isley Brothers - "The Pride" (Part 1&2) - (Tneck Rec)
Don Papa - "Pol" - (Sex Tags Mania Rec)
Nacho Patrol - "Africaspaceprogram" - (Kindred Spirits Rec)
Kassem Mosse - "Thalassocalyce" - (KindaSoul Rec)
Kassem Mosse - "12" - (Workshop Rec)
Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Structure 1 (Honest Jones)
Morphology - CFTLC 2 (Motorcity Classic)
Morphology - Origins of Life (Motorcity Classic)
The Gods Planet - From the Core / Brando Lupi rmx (white label)
Vakula - Touch (Strike Rec.)
Lawrence Williams - Lesli (Planet E)
Snafu - Uno Tansito Clapori (Deram)
Can - side two taken from Phreistoric Future (Spoon)

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Strane Strade 27

Can - Spoon - (Spoon Rec)
Can - Soup - (Spoon Rec)
Can - Vitamin C - (Spoon Rec)
Can - Mushroom - (Spoon Rec)
Can - One more night - (Spoon Rec)
Can - Moonshake - (Spoon Rec)
Can - Soul Desert - (Spoon rec)
Can - Sing Swang Song - (Spoon Rec)
Can - Tango Whiskyman - (Liberty Rec)
Can - Up the Bakerloo line with Anne - (Bmg Rec)
Can - I’m so green - (Spoon Rec)
Pink Floyd - Shine on your crazy diamond (Emi rec)
Steve Hillage - Lunar Musick Suite (Atlantic)
Holy Fucks - The Pulse (Young Turks)
Knalpot - H.E.L. (Eat Concrete)
I.E.M. - We Are Not Alone (Headphone Dust)
Radiohead - Dollar Cents (Emi)
Jaga Jazzist - Book of Glass (Ninja Tune)
Chris Carter - Beat (Industrial Records)
Cabaret Voltaire - Menace (Double vision)

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Strana Strade 26

Prince Jammy - Old Country Dub - (Pressure Sound rec)
A Certain Ratio - Funaezekea - (Soul Jazz rec)
The Cure - Lament - (Sire Rec)
Inxs - Spy of love - (Wea Rec)
Clock Dva - Return To Blue - (Contempo rec)
Front 242 - Slo-Mo - (RRe rec)
Tortoise - Blackjack - (Warp Rec)
Arthur Russell - Bonzo goes to Washinghton - (Sleeping Bag rec)
Gentle Rain - Jelly -(Stereo Cobalt rec)
Oregon - Aurora - (Vanguard Rec)
Phil Upchurch - Black Gold - (Cadet Rec)
Harmonia - Dino - (Soul Jazz rec)
Neu - Hallo Gallo - (Soul Jazz rec)
Panasonic - Murtaja (Sahko)
Lusine - Push (Ghostly)
Claro Intelecto - Dependant (Modern Love)
Stewart Walker - Do you know me (Persona)
Lawrence - Five Leaves (Ghostly)
Stewart Walker - Fragile Chemistry /Touane rmx (Persona)
Isoul8 - Slam Jam (Neroli)
Dreesvn - Graffiti kan’ke stopees (Wania)
Philus - Ionit (Sahko)
Parallel 9 - Padok (MUsic Man)
Water Lilly - Tangle of wire (Mental Groove)

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Strane Strade 25

Sun Ra - Holiday for string (Saturn Research)
The Rotating - The rust organic (Sound Signature)
Pharoah Sanders - The bird song (Dopeness Galore)
Llorca - Lalo caught me dancin’ (F Communications)
Russ Gabriel - Jan in the funk (Emoticon Recording)
Weather Report - Harona (CBS)
Squarepusher - Potential govaner (Warp)
Weather Report - Teen town (CBS)
Weather Report - Harlequin (CBS)
Cro-Magnon - Morning Haze (Jazzy Sport)
The Dirtbombs - Kung Fu (Mahogani)
The Rongetz Foundation - Almost (Heavenly Sweetness)
David Durrah - Space (Soul Jazz Rec.)
Passport - Will.O /the wisp (Atlantic Rec.)
Umod - Love Devine (Sonar Kollektiv)
Theo Parrish - Goin’ Downstairs Part.2 - (Sound Signature Rec)
HeadHunters - Straight from the Gate - (Arista Rec)
DKD - Breakers Yard - (Bitasweet Rec)
Weldon Irvine - Sinbad - (BMG Rec)
Larry Young - Hello your Queintess (Island) - (Perception Rec)
Jasper Van’t Hof - Poobli - (MPS Rec)
Albert Mangeslsdorff - Joachim Kuhn - Pierre Favre - Gunter
Hampel - In the Sentimental Mood - (Mps Rec)

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martedì 8 marzo 2011

Strane Strade 24

Spooky & Billie Ray Martin - Persuasion (Weird and Unconventional)
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Dust (KK Record)
030 - Midnight in Europe (MFS Berlin)
The Black Dog - Seers & Sages (Soma)
Orbital - Semi-Detected (Internal)
Thomas Brinkmann - 1234567 (Max Ernst)
Bandulu - Gravity Pull (Infonet)
Solcyc 9 - KY9 (Volume)
Cosmic Baby - Space Track (MFS Berlin)
Eat Static - Element (Volume)
Pulse - Carino Silencio (Volume)
Resistance D - Unknown (Volume)
Eddie Flashin Fowlkes - Track 4 (City Boy)
808 State - Pacific State (Rephlex)
Young Jazz Rebels - Primal Sound - (Stones Trow Rec)
Drexciya - Habitat ’O’ Negative - (Tresor Rec)
Jack-Fm - Divination Par - (Jack-Fm Rec)
MoodyMan - …During Soundcheck - (KDJ Rec)
Disco Blaze - Plastic Feelings - (African Sun Rec)
Marcellus Pittman - Unirhythm Green n.1 - (Unrhythm Rec)
Kenny Bobien - Back to Life - (King Street Rec)
The Martian - Red Atmospheres - (Red Planet rec)
Jack-Fm - Strange Strings - (Jack-Fm rec)
Hieroglyphic Being - Washing Ur Ass - (Morphine Rec)
Herbie Hancock - Water Torture - (Warner Bros Rec)
TheSunGod Jack-fm -Techno not Techno - (Jack-Fm rec)

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lunedì 28 febbraio 2011

Strane Strade 23

Anenon - Chimera (Non Projects)
Monolake - Infinite Snow (Imbalance)
Vladislav Delay - F (Mille Plateaux)
Mika Vainio - Tasanko (Sahkò)
Anenon - Damiel (Non Projects)
Boards Of Canada - Olson version3 (Warp)
Monolake - Avalanche (Imbalance)
Psi Performer - 1992 (Kanzleramt)
Retina - Per Assurdo - (Hefty)
Pulseprogamming - Here give it here i’ll show you (Aesthetics)
Autechre - Iris was a Pupil (Warp)
Mouse On Mars - Catching butterfly with hands (Sonig)
Deepart - Citylife (Delsin)
Retina - Camera Magmatica - (Hefty Rec)
Jan Jelinek - Davos S (Trio’Round Midnight) - (Scape-Music Rec)
Markus Guentner - Express Yourself - (Kompakt Rec)
Tangerine Dream - Genesis - (Earmark Rec)
Klaus Schulze and Rainer Bloss -Dziekuje - (Innovative Communication Rec)
Scorn - Flick - (KK Rec)
Blackbox Architect - Time oh.oh.oh.Time! (SideBurn Rec)
As One - Freefall - (Shield Rec)
Disjecta - Echoes - (Warp Rec)
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martedì 22 febbraio 2011

Strane Strade 22

Innerzone Orchestra - Bug in the bass (Planet E)
Psyche - Andromeda (Transmat)
Model 500 - Night drive (R&S)
Wladimir M. - Goin’ South (Eevolute Muzique)
Florence - A Touch of heaven (Eevolute Muzique)
Drexciya - Soul of the sea (Tresor)
Kraftwerk - Electric Cafè (Kling Klang)
Freak Electrique - P.H.A.S.E.R (Viewlexx)
Afrika Bambaataa and Family - Clean up your act (Emi)
Razzmatazz - Set it out - (Kindred Spirits Rec)
Michael Soward - Standing on the top - (P.P.U. Rec)
Chaka Khan - Heed the warning - (Warner Bros. Rec)
Cash - Hot thang - (Kindred Spirits Rec)
Dexter Wansel - Life on Mars - (Philadelphia International Rec)
Ronnie Dyson - All over your face- (Bbe Rec)
Mtume - So you wanna be a star - (Bbe Rec)
Modern romance - Salsa Rappsody - (Bbe Rec)
The Brides of Funkestein - Never buy Texas from a cowboy - (Atlantic Rec)
Mandrill - Funky Monkey - (Arista Rec )

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lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

Strane Strade 21

Roy Ayers Ubiquity with Harry Whitaker - We live in Brooklin - (Polydor Rec)
Yesterdays New Quintet - Herbal Scent - (Stones Throw Rec)
The Soul Searchers - If Ain’t funk - (VampiSoul Rec)
Catalyst - East - (Porter Rec) - Complete Recordings Vol.1
Squarepusher - Freeway - (Warp Rec)
Russell Jenkins Jazz Express - Drunk Again - (High Jazz Rec)
Kirk Degiorgio presents As One - Another Revolution - (Ubiquity Rec)
The Mothers of Invention - Didja get any Onya - (Reprise Rec)
Lonnie Liston Smith - Cosmic Funk - (Flying Dutchman Rec)
Catalyst - Mail Order - (Porter Rec) - Complete recordings Vol.2
Return to Forever feat. Chick Corea - Flight on the Newborn - (Polydor Rec)
Herbie Hancock V.S.O.P - Hang up your Hang ups - (CBS Rec)
Herbie Hancock feat. Bill Laswell - Alphabeta - (Transparent Music Rec)
Gerhard Potuznik - MWWW (Cheap)
Sokol - Angry Old Men (Cheap)
UR - Hi Teach Dream (UR)
Laurent Garnier - The Battle (F-Com)
AFX - Stepping Filter 101 (Rephlex)
Creepy Autograph - Night Stalker (Valentine Connexion)
PSI Performer - 1999 (Kanzleramt)

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Strane Strade 20

RedNose Distrikt - Niggie - (Kindred Spirits Rec)
The Dirty Decibels of Thomas 2 Thousand - After Words - (Eat Concrete Rec)
IG Culture - Mumbo Jum /instrumental (Jazzy Sport)
Low Res - Dirty Lamentable Scheme (Eat Concrete)
Ro Lee & Atezee - Bronze (Eat Concrete)
Rednose Distrikt - Diesel (Kindred Spirits)
Aardvarck - Money (Eat Concrete)
Pat Gonzales - As i am (Citywurt)
Miles Davis - Katia (Cbs)
Legends of The Underground - The scroll & the gift (KIndred Spirits)
Squarepusher - Maximum Plank (Warp)
Jimi Hendrix - Free Spirits (Masters)
John Coltrane - Psalm - (Impulse Rec)
Jeff Mills - Somenthing in the sky series part.1-2-3-4-5-6 - (Axis Rec)
Sun Ra - Solar Drums - (Saturn Rec)
John Coltrane - Acknowledgement - (Impulse rec)

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Strane Strade 19

Cluster - Live in der Fabrik - (Lilith Rec)
Harmonia - Walky talky - (Lilith rec)
Nacho Patrol - Twinotters - (Kindred Spirits Rec)
Population One - Rush Hour (Convextion Rmx) (Rush Hour Rec)
King Tubby - No Partial Dub - (Clock Tower Rec)
Strike 154 - Abritherday - (Delsin Rec)
Dreesvn - Acido 006 track B3- (Acido Rec)
Rotorik - Drohor - (Acido Rec)
Giorgio Gigli / Obtane - Psicologycal scene of imagination - (Zooloft Rec)
Stewart Walker - Cotton candy - (Persona Rec)
Heiko Laux - Still Lively - (Kanzleramt Rec)
Heiko Laux - Palm Cove - (Kanzleramt Rec)
Heiko Laux - Pointed - (Kanzleramt rec)
Heiko Laux - Fundament (Kanzleramt rec)
Heiko Laux - Trench-coat (Kanzleramt rec)
Heiko Laux - The Bridge (Kanzleramt rec)
Heiko Laux - The Silen Bass (Kanzleramt rec)
Heiko Laux - Sun City (Kanzleramt rec)
Alexander Kowalski - We Keep on rockin’! (Kanzleramt rec)
Alexander Kowalski - Belo Horizonte (Kanzleramt rec)
Alexander Kowalski - Days of the liar (Kanzleramt rec)
Heiko Laux - Move Out (Kanzleramt rec)

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lunedì 24 gennaio 2011

Strane Strade 18

Laurent Garnier - Controlling the house (Pias Rec)
James & Spoon - Stella /Moby rmx (R&S)
Reese Project - Edition1 / UR rmx (Network Rec)
The Beatmasters - Who’s in the house (Rhythm King)
Mike Perras - A little bit of this (Bassic Rec)
Gat Decor - Passion (Flying)
Lovechild - Sweet ambience deep dub (Strictly Rhythm)
Mike Perras - Beginning of life (Bassic Rec)
Transformer 2 - Pacific Synphony (DFC)
Revelation - Domination dub (Atmosphere)
Reel by Real - Surkit - (A.R.T.Less 2200 Rec)
JackMaster Hater - Your Love - (Trax Rec)
Adonis - No way Back - (Trax Rec)
Robert Owens - I’m Strong - (Clone Rec)
Mr. Fingers - Beyond the clouds - (Soul Jazz Rec)
Phuture - Phuture Jack - (Soul Jazz Rec)
Hieroglyphic Being - Fingerprints of the Gods - (Mathematics Rec)
Mush - Test 66 - (Voorn Rec)
Jeff Mills - Things to know about your robot - (Axis Rec)
Kraftwerk - Home Computer - (Klingklang Rec)

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martedì 18 gennaio 2011

Strane Strade 17

Mulatu Astatke - Radcliffe - (Strut Rec)
Mulatu Astatke - Netsanet - (Ahma Rec)
Mulatu Astatke - Ethio Blues - (Strut Rec)
Graham Moncur III - Garvey’ s Ghost (Space Station) - (Jcoa Rec)
Dom Um Romao - Ponteio - (Muse Rec)
Irakere - Chekere Son - (VampiSoul Rec)
Dom Um Romao - The Angels - (Muse Rec)
Moussa Doumbia - Keleya - (Pathè Rec)
No.1 de No.1 - Guajira - (Stones Throw Rec)
Mombasa - Kenia - (Sonorama Rec)
Roy Ayers & Fela Kuti - 2000 Black,Got to be free - (Celluloid Rec)
Oneness of Juju - Liberation Dues - (Strut Rec)
Tony Allen & Jimi Tenor - cellas walk (Strut)
Oghene Kologbo - change the system (Quinto Quarto)
Leon Thomas - Shape your mind to die - (Flying Dutchman Rec)
Chico Mann - Piensalo Bien - (Kindred Spirits Rec)
Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - Bo Nuggy - (Heavenly Sweetness Rec)
Build An Ark - River Run - (Kindred Spirits Rec)
Carlos Nino & Lil Sci - The NAtural Scriptures (Kindred Spirits)
Carlos Nino & Lil Sci - Constant (Kindred Spirits)
Louis Bordeaux - 1st session (Appletree)
Sa-Ra - My Lady (Jazzy Sport)

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lunedì 10 gennaio 2011

Strane Strade 16

Bernard Wright - Music is the key - (Arista Rec)
Ladies of The 80 - He’ s mine forever - (Universal Rec)
Asha Puthli - Right down here - (CBS Rec)
Tommy Stewart - Everything’s Mad for Love - (Jazzman Rec)
Eddie Kendricks - Girl you need a change of mind - (Motown Rec)
Isaac Hayes - Moonlight loving - (Soul jazz Rec)
Darwins Theory - Untitled - (Lotus Land Rec)
Donato/Deodato - Nightripper - (Muse Rec)
Deodato/Airto - Tropea - (CTI Rec)
Quarteto Novo - Misturada - (Odeon Rec)
Flora Purim - Jive Talk - (Milestone Rec)
Cymande - Anthracite - (janus Rec)
Sylvia Striplin - Searching - (Melody Maker Rec)
Patrick Pulsinger - Drowning - (Cheap Rec)
Paul KalkBrenner - Azure - (Bpitch Control Rec)
Sasha Funke - Chemin Des Figons - (Bpitch Control Rec)
Paul Kalkbrenner - Square 1 (BPitch Control)
Extrawelt - Soopertrack - (Border Community Rec)
The Mfa - the differnce it makes (Kompakt)
James Holden - beats tool (Border Community)
Ellen Allien & Apparat - way out (BPitch Control)
Afx - Backdoor.Spyboter.A (Rephlex)
Ellen Allien & Apparat - Do not break (Bpitch Control)
James Figurine - Forgive Yourself / The Field Mix (Monika)

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lunedì 3 gennaio 2011

Strane Strade 15

Rool The Dice - The New Black (Digitalis)
Brian Eno - Flint March (Warp)
Brian Eno - Horse (Warp)
Squarepusher - Endless Night (Warp)
Squarepusher - Laser Rock (Warp)
Squarepusher - Cryptic Motion (Warp)
Squarepusher - Megazine (Warp)
Cobblestone Jazz - Sun Child (Studio !k7)
Cobblestone Jazz - Midnight Sun (Studio !k7)
The Orb feat. David Gilmor - Spheres Side (Columbia)
Pink Floyd - Set the controls for the heart of the sun - (EMI Rec)
The Electric Prunes - General Confessional - (Reprise Rec)
Gentle Giant - Alucard - (Timeless Rec)
Black Merda - Ashamed - (Funky Delicasies Rec)
Brian Auger - The season if the witch - (Get Back Rec)
Parliament - Moonshine Heather - (Get Back Rec)
The Meters - Love slip upon ya - (Reprise Rec)
Funkadelic - Field Maneuvers - (Get Back Rec)
The Undisputed Truth - 1990 - (Gordy Rec)
Nino Nardini - Frantique - (FatCity Rec)
Odetta - Pasture of Plenty - (Soul Jazz Rec)
Iggy Pop and The Stooges - Cry for me - (Cleopatra Rec)
War - Sleeping into darkness - (United Artist Rec)

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